We are honored to be of service to the men and women in this city who are seeking a better life.

Individual Counseling

Is a collaborative effort on the behalf of the counselor and client in building a helping relationship. The counselor role is to provide the client with confidentiality while helping the client to sort through his or her issues that may present themselves as barriers between the client and abstinence from drugs or alcohol.  In this relationship the counselor also give the client tools to use to be able to make healthier decisions as well as participating in the treatment planning process for him or herself.

Group Counseling

Is a form of therapy which helps individual get different perspectives on various issues, groups are usually based on topics that are most beneficial to the individual in the group. It gives clients the ability to see that they are not alone in their dilemmas, and that heir are possible solutions for those dilemmas. It is the practice of the counselors to allow the clients to participate in picking the group topics that are generated from a list of therapeutic topics.

Video Presentations